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Is human brain faster than calculators?

Exactly yes, but not on the initial condition. Similar to working style of calculators, human brain needs to have installed technics to solve the problems.

Research proves that humans have a photographic memory. This means, brain has a great potential on storing data very fast by using visualising tactic. Humans often use this feature unconsciously in daily life at any time. But some people learned it to use consciously with the photographic memory tactics that revealed during technology progressed.

The main doctrine of photographic memory tactics is based on using the brain as balanced by the using right lobe actively on learning process. As you might know, brain is consists of two main lobes; the left lobe which pre-mastered on analysis, numbers, logic, details and the right lobe which pre-mastered on feelings, arts like music, picture, imagination. An uneducated (not installed the photographic memory tactics) brain uses left lobe heavily as default. That’s the one of the reasons of the face of woe seen on the humans. Using left lobe much more than right lobe makes the person a more serious human.

left right brain lobes
Portrayal of the left and right brain lobes.

Using left lobe heavily also slows down the human because of making it busy with the deep analyzes in daily life. Counting, measuring, comparing somethings one-by-one are the typical tasks of the left lobe. On the other hand, the right lobe is almost perfect on these tasks with the power of seeing the big picture. Yes, the right lobe always look for the big picture and this makes gain a serious speed and time-saving at any task needs to be handled.

Doing math processes in the brain is one of the tasks that can be handled perfectly with the help of the right lobe. Visualising numbers and creating relations between each other of them makes a stable data store and this makes the reaching-processing the data much faster as a result.

To prove that, let’s do a simple example. First, tag the below numbers with objects to represent them.

0. Ice

  1. Igloo
  2. Nest
  3. Monkey
  4. Frog
  5. Hand
  6. Scissors
  7. Watch
  8. Elephant
  9. Parrot

Now, try to memorize this number -> 689045848598674

Seems a little bit hard? Let’s use your right brain now.

There is a scissors on the floor. When i’m about the take it, an elephant began to run toward me, and the parrot which preferred to stay on it instead flying yelling behind me. I have fallen down to inside an ice when looking my behind. OMG, what is that? A huge frog gives me hand to pull me up. It took out me to surface but what the f*** is that? It is the elephant pursued me, disguised as frog to deceive me. The elephant did not release my hand for a while. Then, the parrot flew into my shoulder and talked to elephant, “take us back to scissors“. I realized that my watch is not on my wrist, thank god a real frog brought it to me.

An interesting story right? Can you remember the number now? Write it down to the comments section and check it.

* * * * *

Did you see that? You have just memorized 15 digits number in a few seconds. With more practice and the help of these kind of tactics you can store and process much more complex data with your brain in a shorter time. This is a simple example about capabilities of human brain and a strong proof of it can be faster than all calculators in the world.

For more information about this topic, please google “human calculators”, “photographic memory technics” and “left-right brain functionalities” terms on the web.

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