How to improve programming skills?

So, you’re a junior or mid-level programmer and asking yourself “i love this job but how can i improve my programming skills?”

This is actually one of the questions that have their answers inside them. If you love your job, you can make sure that you’ll improve your skills very fast and easy. You do not need to worry about that, your brain will handle all work for you without bore you.

So, how is this happening? Which power boosts the brain functions when doing something liked?

Research during years tells us that our brain has two main lobes; left and right. Left lobe is mastered on math, number, logic etc. and has an ordered process type. The right lobe is mastered on feelings, music, picture, sound etc. and has unordered process type. Humans uses these two lobes as unconsciously. That’s why we’re good or bad on somethings.

left right brain lobes and professions

Reasearches also proved that using brain lobes as balanced on any process returns much more performance. For example, visualizing objects in any problem by using right lobe of brain helps to solve it incredibly fast.

Doing something liked triggers the right lobe exactly like that and returns excellent results. Whatever you do in your life, if you do it with the feeling of love and passion, success is inevitable.

That’s why you do not need to worry about your shortcomings on your loved jobs. You’ll already improve yourself automatically day by day while you’re doing your job.

Of course you can help your brain in this journey and accelerate the process if you want. How? It’s simple; more practicing.

Yes, only thing you have to do is doing as much practicing as you can. On each practice, you’ll get more experience with your fails and successes, and this will make you more capable on that work inevitably. This is the nature of humanity.

In programming, solution is same; more practicing. You need to work on different projects to meet new commands, objects, functions and builts of programming structure. Each new programming data you learned will make you stronger and more capable in that section. Learning new things will also make you more happy. Being more happy will make you learn faster. Learning faster will help you to solve the problems you faced better and this will make you happy again. This is an effective, nature cycle of learning when you activate your right lobe by loving what you do.

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