Using tables in digital sheets

Did you ever find yourself that you need to prepare a digital document which must contains texts, images, symbols, logos etc. in the same alignments horizontally or vertically and not know how to handle it?

Well, you’re not the only one for sure. Most of people (especially white collar), maybe all of them experienced it in business life at least once. When writing a mail, creating an application form or report, building a web page etc…you needed to show the information in the document as you want, but whatever you tried, no luck.. they still shown erratic and bad.

That’s why the tables created. As you well know, tables are consists of rows and columns. They’re the most effective solutions to present data in a clean layout in digital documents.

How to use tables in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the most used word-processing software especially in the business life. Therefore people need to use tables even they’re not aware in Word. Let’s take a look how to use tables in the Word.

Step-1 : Click “Insert” tab in the top menu and then click “Table” icon. As you will see, there are plenty of options to create various type of tables. Select one as you prefer.

Step-2 : You can customize the entire table with the options under “Design” menu at the top.

insert table in word document

Step-3 : Enter the values to related cells as you want. You can modify cells like delete, combine, add etc. by the menu items appeared when you right-click on the cell.

Step-4 : Right click anywhere on the table and select “Table Properties“. Then find the “borders and shadows” and click it. As you will see there, you can set the border thickness as “none” to make your table is invisible.

How to use tables in Outlook?

Interestingly, many of people in business life do not aware that they can write amazing mail bodies with the power of tables. And the main reason of it is they did not try even once.

Anyway, you can use tables in Outlook exactly same with the Word as described above. Just follow the same steps.

tables in outlook mail body

Do not forget. Tables are your best friend.

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