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The English alphabet contains 26 letters. 5 of them are the letters named as “Vovels” that consists of A, E, I, O, U letters. Other 21 are the letters named as “Consonants” that contains letters like b, c, d, f, g, h…v, w, x, y, z.

In present of humanity, a big part of Earth population knows to read, write and speak to communicate with others. Although it is an important volume, there are still millions of people from all around the world who never learned any alphabet and unable to read and write.

It’s also a bad situation that most of the people who think themselves are good in reading-writing and speaking, without know what are the consonant and vovel letters.

This might not be a serious problem for ordinary people of course. But what if some of them (especially young ones) have an interest with literatures? Will they be successful and famous authors in the future while they don’t know the basics of language and alphabet?

That’s why the alphabets must be teached to people well. An ancient word says “trees get their shapes when they’re young.”

Thanks to the today’s technology and education opportunities, people from all ages can now able to reach the data very quick. In this “golden era” of humanity, there is almost nothing that can not be learned. Internet is the most powerful built and key-factor of this information age.

Generate Letter is one of the most useful tools can be found on the internet in order to educate people about alphabet and letters. This amazing free online tool provided by FunctionCube data tools generates up to 5 character (letter) set which each one of them contains up to 200 pieces (total 1000) of consonant, vovel or mixed letters in rows or columns within a few seconds. It also has transform options to create uppercase, lowercase or mixed format of letters.

Generate Letter is also a #1 tool for the educational games for kids or various contest applications designed by the developers on the internet.

Note this tool to anywhere, you may need it later.

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