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Function Cube is a free online data toolset created by Kaan Çamur to help people who need quick solutions for simple math processes.

Function Cube currently presents 4 free online tools;

  • Divide Number
  • Split Text
  • Generate Number
  • Generate Letter

Let’s take a look what are these tools and which purpose they can be used for.

Divide Number

Have you ever needed to divide / distribute a number into random parts (numeber groups) before?

Well i was needed a few times. I had to divide two big numbers into 30 days separately and each day must have unique numbers. At first, i tried to write down numbers into Excel sheet randomly myself, change the numbers (increase or decrease) to complete the sum of divided number. As you might guess, this becomes a very drudgery work if you need to do it frequently. After a few weeks, i had to divide lots of numbers into 7, 15 and 30 days again and this means a real nightmare for me to do it manually in Excel. I went to google immediately to look for an online tool for this task, but incredibly, i found no any tool that handles this task. Can you believe it? We’re in 2020 and the “internet” which contains almost all answers we seek has no any tool to handle this problem in seconds.

Because of i’m a programmer, i solved my this problem by creating my own tool and worked like a charm. I was able to divide any numbers into any count of number groups, randomly or equal just in seconds. Sounds amazing, right? Yeah, it was really!

To be honest, i did not face this kind of task so often later, but i thought that there are billions of people out there who may still looking for an online tool for this purpose. Then i decided to transform my tool into a free-to-use online tool for everyone.

I designed and re-programmed my tool to make it more functional and has a clean interface for global usage. After completed it and saw the tests as successfull, i was going to launch it but i stopped a while and thought, why i don’t add more tools alongside it? Tools like text splitter, random number or letter generator etc. I said myself ok, calculated the required time and took action to create them too. Finally, i created 3 more tools after the Divide Number tool; they’re text splitter (Split Text), random number (Generate Number) and letter (Generate Letter) generators.

Split Text

I did not looked whether there is a tool like this or not on the internet (probably there are many) but as i said above, this is an additional tool with other two tools (Generate Number and Generate Letter) that i decided to create later.

Splitting a text is actually not requires a programming skill, since it can be automatically done by only one command of most programming languages. For example in C#, it can be done like this at one row of code;

List<string> splitted_text_list = mystring_tosplit.Split(',');

As you might understand, Split() function takes one reference character to split the text into the text groups. Almost all programming languages have this ready-to-use function in their built-in libraries and frameworks. This is the easiest way to split a text into text groups, but not the only one. Splitting a text can be done by lots of ways like using IndexOf() function in a for loop for example.

Find and try my Split Text tool is here.

Generate Number

Generating random, same or specific numbers are also the most commonly used task in a wide purpose on the internet and you can find lots of online tool to do it. Like splitting text, random number generation can be done by a few rows of code.

Random my_randomizer = new Random();
int created_random_integer = my_randomizer.Next(0, 11);

Of course it become more complex and need more algorithm and math skills if need to generate specific numbers. Fortunately, my Generate Number tool provides additional functions more than creating only random integers.

Generate Letter

I’m not sure this is a very very needed tool and not sure who uses with which purposes. But this idea was knocked the door in my mind and i wanted to give it a try. Believe or not, this was the hardest tool which took most of my time more than others and very forced me to create stable algorithms. Fortunately, i created a well coded, stable and fast tool. Take a look to it from here.

That’s all tool i currently created. I may create more tools in the future if an idea knocks my mind doors again. If you already got something to suggest, you’re free to write me, do not hesitate please.

See you at our next post.

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