Why people afraid of Math?

Almost one of each 3 people in the world has really big trouble with the Math science. But why? Why people get crazy when they faced a Math problem?

The answer of this question lays in the root of something else; “afraid of failure”.

This is actually the result of failure chain which became into a big snowball by the time. Normally, everyone begins to learn Math science from the same basic level in education life. While levels become harder, some people keep continue to make progress, but most of them experience difficulties to learn at some points in this journey and this makes them slow down or full stop. After this experience, most of them give up and think themselves that they have reached to end of their capacities and unable to go ahead.

This, very naturally downgrades their self confidence and prevent them from progress. The #1 suspect of this problem is the wrong education system or education methods. These symptoms generally shown on the education systems or methods that based on rote. Actually, everything based on rote in life are never long-life. This only provides temporary solutions. In the end, the cycle brings people to start point with nothing but only a wasted time and overloaded efforts.

So, what’s the solution? Like almost all solutions of all problems, there is only one, clear and simple answer actually. Science calls it as “technic”.

Yes, everything… everything without exception have a technic in our universe. Economy, physic, biology, chemistry, programming, speaking, fighting, politics… even making a kid. Cars on the roads, planes in the skies, ships on the seas are the products of technic.

Contrary to your think, learning a technic in any section is much simpler and requires less efforts. You spend at least 2x power to learn something by rote while you’re able to learn it easier, faster and stable with the power of technic. So, why do you torture yourself while there is a simple way to achieve success?

People do this mistake (using rote instead technic) since they think this is the fastest way to get result. In some cases, this looks such but you can make sure that it won’t last long. If need to explain simpler;

Rote = Fast but temporary

Technic = Slow but long life

Even rote seems to provide faster solution, it is not because of it will require repeats time to time. In the end, you’ll spend 2x or more effort to get what you want but only temporary.

However, instead of this meaningless effort, focusing to learn the logic (technic) of the solution by spending a little bit more time is much more profitable way to solve problems. In the end, you’ll have a solid, long life solution with the acceptable time spent. The best profit of this approach is the self confidence you earned. Once you tasted and addicted its simplicity and magical results, you won’t think that you’re not capable to make progress any more. You won’t afraid of anything to achieve. You will be the powerful lord of your life.

Just try, do not hesitate. You’ll see the magic with your own eyes.

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