How to divide (distribute) a number into random or equal number groups?

This is a very common question asked mostly by programmers and people who want to do some of mathematical operations they want / have to do quickly.

There might be lots of various goals of the process “dividing a number into equal or random number groups” like distributing yearly / monthly salary into the days, distributing a legacy money between right owners equally, distributing a found treasure between the founders, distribute 15 days or monthly total realized impressions or clicks into the days in digital marketing world etc.. Whatever the need, there was only one method to handle it until the October 2020; creating your own algorithm. (You will find the other and the best solution for dividing (distributing) a number into random number groups in this article below, keep going to read.)

Yes. The first and only method was you were need to create your own algorithm or hire a programmer to do it for you. Unfortunately, both of the ways are still troublesome and takes long time. A created program in this kind of conditions generally a temporary solution and also contains lots of lack of functionalities and possible mathematical errors caused by programming bugs.

Although this is a very common and required process even today, it was interesting that there were no any online tool created until today for community usage. Huge thanks to someone, who thought this is a problem that must be solved and created a perfect free-to-use web application, Divide Number tool (function) of the FunctionCube.

FunctionCube is an online data toolset designed and created by Kaan Çamur to bring quick solutions to this kind of needs for people from all around the world as completely free. Like almost every invention made so far in the world, FunctionCube and its functions (tools) have been created after a solution call. He needed a quick solution to divide a number into random numbers and could not find a quick solution like an online tool on the web. Since he is already a professional programmer, he quickly created a simple program and solved his problem at first. But then, he decided to make an advanced version of his tool not only for himself, but for everyone in the world. He also created more functions (tools) and named it as FunctionCube by combining them under one umbrella.

Divide Number is the first and the main functionality of the FunctionCube online toolset which provide a fast, excellent solution to problem “divide a number into random or equal number groups“. With this tool, you can divide up to 5 decimal or integer numbers into random or equal number groups in rows or columns or both format, just in a few seconds. You don’t need to struggle with the searching or creating complex algorithms or hiring a professional to do it for you by paying money any more. The best, fastest, most stable and completely free online tool is just few clicks away from you. Sounds amazing right? Give it a try and see the results yourselves.

FunctionCube and its functions provide useful solutions to make you save plenty of your time, which is the most important thing humanity have got in the world. We must use it as wisely as we can. FunctionCube is one of this wisely decisions as you’ll aware of that, do not dismiss it. Add the FunctionCube url to your favorites or bookmark it by the star or bookmark icons which can be found on web browsers.

Do not forget. There is always an exit, a hope, a solution.

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